Rail Safety Monitoring Equipment

MiniProf is an efficient measuring equipment for supervising railway material in research, planning and maintenance. The high accuracy gives a precise overview and the possibility to optimise work and budgets.

MiniProf Wheel

The MiniProf Wheel system is magnetically attached to the wheel enabling you to measure a complete rail car in less than five minutes. It provides instant calculation of wear parameters, such as Sd, Sh and qR. The MiniProf Wheel is also capable of measuring the flange and taperline diameter on wheels.

The MiniProf Wheel comes in a few variations, aimed at different types of wheels. In addition to the standard instruments, there are specials for larger locomotive wheels, small instruments for tram wheels and instruments doing very accurate tram wheel diameter based on the inner diameter.

MiniProf Rail

The MiniProf Rail system provides you with an easy, portable tool to monitor your rail profiles. The fast operation of MiniProf reduces your exposure on the track.

The MiniProf Rail system is a unique aid for rail grinding operations providing instant information on profile and metal removal. MiniProf is just as useful in the quality control of new rails.